February Lady FRONTMy grandmother knit many beautiful sweaters. When I was five, she agreed to teach me how, too. I challenged her patience, but the basics were nailed down and I haven’t stopped knitting since. A love for rich jewel tones and variety in texture are key to any of my many knitting experiments and projects.



Art Card SwapDrawing A series of gardens-inspired drawings have become marketable notecards and framed prints. The first of these began as an assignment for a landscape design course I took through the local community college. The medium, pen-and-ink, was a return to my favorite form of artistic expression during my teen-age years. Embellished with layers of colored pencil, I like to think that these cozy vignettes offer dreamy refuge for the viewer. Interested in the cards? For now, leave a comment. I hope to have the cards available on Etsy before much longer. Thank you for your interest.

Brazilian Story Mural small
About the banner mural: It measured 8-ft.x20-ft. and comprised one wall in my first retail store space. I was going to hire a friend to paint something on the wall, but my sister suggested that it might be cathartic for me to paint the mural myself, so I gave it a try. It’s my first painting ever. The inspiration was a trip I took to Brazil in ’01 — another lifetime ago. Yes, that’s me on the beach, but I added the disguise of curly hair!

handpainted table top with oranges by Lisa AllenHandpainted Table Tops: I thought my store needed tables. It wasn’t a restaurant, but I liked the idea of providing a place for people to sit, read, gather their thoughts, or visit. Inspired by a cycling trip in the south of France in ’02, I painted two table tops measuring 2×2-ft. and one 2×4-ft. The image here is the larger one. They did indeed invite conversation, relaxation, and a sense of community gathering.


7 responses to “Projects

  1. Lisa, You are an inspiration for this creative soul. What a lucky boy your nephew is having you to nuture his spirit.

    Wishing you and your loved ones Happy and Joyful Holidays with New Year filled with PEACE.

  2. I’d love to see more about your cards. Are you on Etsy yet?

  3. I haven’t made it to Etsy yet, but that is definitely on the list of things to do. Thank you for the inquiry!

  4. i must say this…its wonderful and i hope you will let us see more of your works…

  5. I came here via a link from Sunday Morning Blogger. . .Nice site. Thought you’d want to knoa that I found the navigation menu wrapping to the next line even when I stretched the browser (Firefox) window. I’ve seen this happen on a number of themes, and it can be fixed by just changing the right side padding value in your style.css file for the ul#nav li to something lower than 40px. I hope you don’t mind my butting in, but you can see that I too have way too many projects. And you can edit all this geeky stuff right out of the comment. . .

  6. I love these ideas! You do beautiful work.

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