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Joy Dance: 8 Hours Unplugged

I took a stand yesterday. It wasn’t comfortable but it was necessary. Patty Perfect — that would be my very lively inner critic —  was harping in my mind’s ear, but instead of giving in, I ignored her. In a single bold move to rescue my gasping-for-breath creativity, I barred myself from logging in to work-related email and gave myself the gift of time. What to do? Play with the oh-so-fun online bookmaking application, blurb, and my collection of Nantucket Island photos.

for doodles, dreams…
By Lisa Allen Lambert

I love writing, drawing or doodling on graph paper, so this was my paper of choice for the notebook’s blank pages. Eighteen summertime captures of favorite island nooks and krannies are staggered throughout 104 pages.

Time evaporated as eight hours flew by. Bliss reigned; I reviewed dozens of photo files, cropped, and tested selections. Utterly joyful.

The learning curve for Blurb’s bookmaking software is fairly  easy to overcome. There are lots of formatting choices: ebook, softcover, hardcover, hardcover with wrapped image book jacket. The menu of sizes has something for everyone. Curious? Click the graphic above and browse the results of my day.


Friday Flickr Favorites

Friday Flickr Favorites - 11/25/11
1. Sibsey, 2. [workinprogress], 3. My embroidered headband., 4. Denver 30: 23, 5. Sheep heid baby cardigan, 6. Socks Patchwork, 7. Alivia, 8. alpine conditions, 9. Children’s Day in Brazil…, 10. Southern light, 11. Fabric of the Week winner: The Dinner Thief by kayajoy, 12. Untitled, 13. Liberty mug rugs, 14. Strings Attached – pot holders, 15. Linda’s Vintage Baby Hats, 16. Luxury

Every time Sibsey’s mum posts a photo of her, I click the ‘favorite’ button. So who better to lead today’s mosaic than the fluffy beauty herself?!

Meanwhile Corabelle spent the week parked on my lap, purring.  Without a doubt, her companionship contributed to my quick recovery from Tuesday’s surgery.

This year’s handmade Christmas gifts are a bit closer to the finish line after purchasing a delicious assortment of Julia, the yarn Kristin Nicholas designed for Westminster Fibers. Sadly, this wool/mohair/alpaca blend has been discontinued, which really amped up the pressure as I labored over jewel-toned colors most certainly inspired by Kristin’s own zinnia beds and field of sunflowers .  Continuing to gather project supplies, I hopped on over to Kristin’s online store for the Knit-It-Felt-It-Zip-It bags and Quarters Cap patterns. There is something exceedingly satisfying about shopping in a way that contributes to the livelihood of a kindred creative.

A glimpse into my studio: Fabric, fiber, and handwoven finished objects.

Finding Joy in a Verb

Friday Flickr Favorites 10.14.11

Gems from the Flickr-sphere

1. Daisy Chain Quilt, 2. Fish Baby Log Cabin class sample, 3. NYC Mod Bee: For Me, 4. Sawtooth Star Quilt, 5. Green Afternoon, 6. WIP Wednesday 9/27/2011, 7. keyboard playing meerkat, 8. Linda’s Vintage Baby Hats, 9. Pink Layer Cake, 10. Viva!, 11. autumn country picnic, 12. Chai Latte Cupcakes, 13. You’re never alone with a dog, 14. Old Home Place 1985, 15. 2011 10 10 Moonrise over Lowell, 16. Beach BIrds

Favorite is an action word in flickr-speak and one which I exercise with great frequency. At this moment in my flickr Favorites there are 1,761 photos of fabric, quilts, knitting, crochet, food & beverages, pets in adorable poses, and sumptuous outdoor scenes from around the globe. My passport expired a couple of years ago but that hasn’t stopped me from armchair touring. Browse the entire collection here. Do you have a flickr account? If so, I hope you’ll drop by and say hello.

This little video transported me to a charming world filled with birdsong. Dare you to watch just once!

For the past 24 hours I have been bursting with excitement — Jacqueline-the-Jack-Russell’s portrait was accepted over on craftgawker. Remember when I was being philosophical about my other photo rejections from craft- and I guess persistence does pay. And if persist is your mantra right now, this article about Kathryn Stockett’s 60 manuscript rejections for The Help just might inspire. I hope so — it worked for me. I’ve got some manuscript rework that’s calling me right now.

3 Lessons from My Etsy Journey

The pictures on the Etsy home page are sumptuous, the success stories of featured artisan sellers guarantee pure inspiration. “Dreamers Into Doers,” another of Martha Stewart’s ventures, has been a virtual cheerleader. And at the root of my own dream are the expensive lessons from my experience with an old-fashioned brick-and-mortar store front.

When I first registered as a seller on etsy, my vision was for an emporium of the kinds of things I love to make or collect: handsewn, vintage, and photography treasures. In general Etsy seller categories are: handmade, vintage and supplies.
Lesson #1: Keep the shop offering focused and singular in theme. Do you have any idea how challenging this is? Yes, you probably do. {I finally narrowed my handmade goods to “photo treats” in this initial etsy store front; you can open additional stores, as the themes of items for sale require.}

the new etsy shop banner

Lesson #2:  The shop description should read as though you are engaged in a private, one-on-one conversation with each and every visitor — in spite of the reality that these very personal words are being shared with a universe of strangers. {I have yet to master this and consider my store description a work in progress.}

The latest evolution of my photography.

Lesson #3: Become a student of the marketplace! Like my store description, this is an ongoing part of the process. Study what kinds of items are getting attention, the artisans behind the successful shops. Consider price points and shipping. Notice appealing product photos and take notes — maybe you can bring in some of the same elements (lighting? props?) into your own presentation.

There is so much to learn about how to run a successful Etsy shop. I’ll keep you posted as I have more to add to this.

Earth Wonders Photo Challenge

sky cloud Lisa Allen

the theme this week is "white"

Need a break? Join me in a browse of the photo challenge pretties on Earth Wonders.

Water is this week’s Earth Wonders Photo Challenge theme

Come Watch with Me
Aren’t these chairs the perfect invitation? This week’s Earth Wonders photo challenge theme is water. What could be more fitting, as we wait for Hurricane Irene to blow through New Hampshire? According to the weather folks, she’s due anytime now, and I’m enjoying the electrical power while I’ve got it. But as far as this week’s challenge theme is concerned, I confess that it was the chairs that led me to the waterfront.
Lake View end of summer 08
Won’t you join me for a cup of tea and a sit with a water view?

Birthday Bubbles

bubbles at DeCordova Museum by Lisa AllenChasing memories with birthday bubbles for G at DeCordova Museum.