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How rejection inspired a social media detox


I realized I was in trouble when the folks who run and rejected my first photo submissions. Somehow that ‘professional opinion’ knocked me to my creative knees, in spite of all of the lovely compliments and encouragement during the lifetime of this blog. As painful as it was to have my composition criticized and deemed unacceptable for craft- and foodgawker’s reader base, the experience has also launched my thoughts about the why’s and what for’s of my little handmade corner of the world and catapulted me into new territory. I am now convinced that I needed this shake-up, that I was drifting in complacency, not to mention low productivity.

Do you know that in-between state, somewhere before you are fully awake but still tethered to your dreams? This morning, as I was slipping into consciousness, a voice said, “You’re not spending (enough) time with your own crafting/making/creating — stop browsing (and admiring, to be honest) everyone else’s work and focus on your own!” Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. (Could the amazing Elsita do what she does while frittering away time on the ‘net? Don’t think so.)

Once again I was reminded of Julia Cameron‘s advice to suspend recreational reading (for at least a week) so as to facilitate focus on one’s own work. (Not so different than suspending access to electronic devices in the classroom, which was a discussion topic at school this week.) Now, I love to browse the web sites and flickr photostreams of other artists and crafters. I love connecting with creative types all over the world, commenting on their blogs and photos, cheering them on and feeling a zing! of inspiration and the thrill of conversation when they respond in kind. But I have to wonder if this pattern of mine has become like starting and finishing a meal with dessert, and has left scant room for the basics, that is, time with me-myself-and-I.

Finding a balance between feeding my curiosity about what everyone else is up to and tending to my own endeavors is my new priority. Funny how ‘balance’ seems to pop back up, time and again. I wrote about it four years ago, and here I am again.

Do you find your own creative juices compromised by too much time web surfing? Does your inner artist ever feel soggy, saturated, and overwhelmed? Have you considered a social media detox? I’m putting myself on a social media diet. No time constraints, but until I make progress on that list of unfinished projects.


Wishing you peace and clarity in your creative pursuits this week.






What I made instead of dinner …

origami mosaic

Yes, it’s true. I’m hungry. My stomach’s growling. But still I couldn’t stop folding, shooting, and flickring until this mosaic was ready to post! It’s my second entry for the Kodak EasyShare printer giveaway being offered by fellow WordPress blogger, BitterSweet. Deadline is tomorrow. I’m in under the final hours with time to spare. To see the full photos rather than squared-off crops of the original, click here. Another blogging friend recently raised a discussion about passion versus balance. So … if I bypassed dinner to “play” — which is what all of this creative stuff feels like — would you say that I am passionate or out of balance?

 The beaded scarf is rather boring to knit, so I put it aside for a bit and cast on a pair of mittens:

mitten cuff new knitting project

Would you have guessed that someone who is so crazy about lots of colors, all together, would select a simple white yarn?! I surprised myself. The pattern is the Aran Islands Mittens in Interweave Press’s  “Folk Mittens” by Marcia Lewandowski. The pattern chart requires focused attention to each and every row and I had to photocopy an enlargement so I could see each stitch change at a glance. These are too tricky to work on during Knitting Nite while socializing with my friends. But for early morning knitting at home with just Tiny Tigress purring at my elbow, it’s delightful to watch the Aran pattern emerge with each row.  And aren’t the cabled cuffs fun?

Mosaic Monday – November 5, 2007

Mosaic Monday - November 5, 2007

1. Flight, 2. Over the Dunes, 3. Green to Red, 4. almost a Lizard, 5. Ferns, 6. Adessa & Sharon in Song, 7. Sunday Latte, 8. Nan’s Cottage Tiles, 9. Cupcake, 10. Balloon Experience, 11. Peppers, 12. Buranohouse, 13. Close Up14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.
Wishing you a week full with nature, joy, creativity and of course, loads of rich color.

Origami Furniture!

fold it yourself furniture

Isn’t this cool? Go here for Inhabitat‘s complete story on Swiss architect Nicola Enrico Stäubli and his line of origami furniture for kids that he calls FoldSchool. *Free* downloadable patterns! I think this might be a fun project for Omar and me (it is Friday and that’s “our day”). Let me know how yours turns out!