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New Home Link Correction

Ouch!!! There is an error in the post you received this morning! The correct link to the new home page is here. My apologies. Hope to see you over there.


New Home – please subscribe now!

Now that the archives have been moved over to my new home, I’ll be blogging from there exclusively, effectively immediately. If you’d like to continue following photos and words all about my pursuit of an artful life, please hop on over, read today’s post, and subscribe anew. And, thank you for following MyArtfulLife — it’s been a pleasure having you here.

Ooops! Failed reblogging attempt

Sorry for the misfire. I was trying to reblog this post from a terrific blog run by a group of writers. If you’re writing something – anything – with dreams of sharing it with the world some day, you’ll want to click the link and see what my friend Wendy has to say.

DIY Thank You Cards

See that book title, “WordPress 3”? Now that I’ve invested in some new real estate — virtual, that is — I’m putting my DIY inclinations to work. Learning how to maneuver in the backend of a privately hosted WordPress site is a little trickier than expected, but I’m making progress. As soon as the floors are swept and the pillows are fluffed I’ll let you know the address so that you can come on over and have a look-see.

On a more immediate front, I played with some older photography in my favorite-but-about-to-disappear-forever online photo application, picnik, and made a stack of cards for my Thank You Project.

It’s been fun sending them out.

January Bits

Corabelle's Stare-DownWe had an esteemed houseguest recently, but someone wasn’t pleased. Beware of the calico personality! Our visitor, Ann, is the author of the lighthearted-with-serious-subtext novel, On Maggie’s Watch. Ann makes me laugh more than almost anyone, but Corabelle fails to appreciate the humor. “How long is she staying?” she seemed to be asking.

Who's that?

snow porch

Before Cora’s patience was stretched to dangerous limits, Ann and I left for New Hampshire’s north country. The MFA winter residency  — a week-long gathering of students and faculty for workshops, readings and community — is always intense, and for me, a 24/7 responsibility. Ann’s on faculty; I work behind the scenes and help to keep things running on schedule. There was no time for outdoor exploration, but I managed to capture a few scenic shots from the hotel.

One of the unofficial perks of the job is that on occasion I am able to attend a writing craft workshop, as if I were still a student. Wiley Cash’s session on “place”  let loose a watershed of revision inspiration for that manuscript of mine that has been accumulating dust in the closet.

Now that I’ve had a week to catch up on post-event administrative tasks, it’s time to get back to my own projects. It feels great to be back. Happy New Year!

It’s a wrap – 2011

2011 in pictures
1. zig zags and dots, 2. Anthony Hat, 3. knitting dots , 4. hope, 5. Pedigree Pooch, 6. wkshp_shawlette, 7. Blanket Squares, 8. Oceanic Hotel, Star Island, NH, 9. Windowsill in Bloom, 10. Benefits of Worm Castings as Fertilizer, 11. Photo Award Button 200×157, 12. Spring, 13. I made it within the deadline!, 14. Creamsicle Smoothie, 15. February Lady FRONT, 16. Friday afternoon, 17. Miniature Holiday Art display, 18. snowflakes in my window, 19. Miss Marple, 20. Snow flakes

Everyone’s talking about it: acknowledge the past year’s accomplishments before looking forward.  Prevailing wisdom advises that writing ideas down facilitates bringing them to fruition. But for a look back, I began with a visual list. Nothing like a bit of photo fun with the mosaic tool over on BigHugeLabs. Here are a few crafty highlights from my year:

  • an afternoon spent under the tutelage of professional photographer, Gale Zucker, during which she taught knitters about photographing fiber objects  (photo #6)
  • a winning entry in Southern New Hampshire’s 24-hour A Day in the Life photography contest (#11)
  • a roaring good time as online voting took my quilted Spring Runner into the top tier (#13) of the sew-along challenge
  • the inclusion of a brief memory narrative and accompanying photo in an upcoming book by friend and entrepreneur (#14)
  • a terrifically successful birthday gift for my mother, a knitted dog (#5). Jacqueline Russell, as I named her, was delivered to the birthday girl with an authentic birth certificate, and I don’t think my mother has ever been so enthusiastic about one of my gifts. That feels like an accomplishment worth noting!
  • Handmade Holiday gift-giving (#1-3) dominated my list this year, with hats, felted bags, and homemade cocoa mix with marshmallows; sadly, I never got around to photo’ing the Cocoa Kits.

My blog host, Word Press, surprised me with a summary of the year’s activity on “My Artful Life.” Thank you — for reading, subscribing, taking the time to comment, and being on the other end of my keyboard every time I click the ‘publish’ button. Here’s to another year — !

Friday Flickr Favorites

Friday Flickr Favorites - 11/25/11
1. Sibsey, 2. [workinprogress], 3. My embroidered headband., 4. Denver 30: 23, 5. Sheep heid baby cardigan, 6. Socks Patchwork, 7. Alivia, 8. alpine conditions, 9. Children’s Day in Brazil…, 10. Southern light, 11. Fabric of the Week winner: The Dinner Thief by kayajoy, 12. Untitled, 13. Liberty mug rugs, 14. Strings Attached – pot holders, 15. Linda’s Vintage Baby Hats, 16. Luxury

Every time Sibsey’s mum posts a photo of her, I click the ‘favorite’ button. So who better to lead today’s mosaic than the fluffy beauty herself?!

Meanwhile Corabelle spent the week parked on my lap, purring.  Without a doubt, her companionship contributed to my quick recovery from Tuesday’s surgery.

This year’s handmade Christmas gifts are a bit closer to the finish line after purchasing a delicious assortment of Julia, the yarn Kristin Nicholas designed for Westminster Fibers. Sadly, this wool/mohair/alpaca blend has been discontinued, which really amped up the pressure as I labored over jewel-toned colors most certainly inspired by Kristin’s own zinnia beds and field of sunflowers .  Continuing to gather project supplies, I hopped on over to Kristin’s online store for the Knit-It-Felt-It-Zip-It bags and Quarters Cap patterns. There is something exceedingly satisfying about shopping in a way that contributes to the livelihood of a kindred creative.

A glimpse into my studio: Fabric, fiber, and handwoven finished objects.