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DIY Thank You Cards

See that book title, “WordPress 3”? Now that I’ve invested in some new real estate — virtual, that is — I’m putting my DIY inclinations to work. Learning how to maneuver in the backend of a privately hosted WordPress site is a little trickier than expected, but I’m making progress. As soon as the floors are swept and the pillows are fluffed I’ll let you know the address so that you can come on over and have a look-see.

On a more immediate front, I played with some older photography in my favorite-but-about-to-disappear-forever online photo application, picnik, and made a stack of cards for my Thank You Project.

It’s been fun sending them out.


A Story of Her Own

Current Project -- Baby Alpaca scarfToday is a special day. My Aunt Liesa, a woman wise and endlessly supportive, is embarking on her own memoir-writing adventure. A faculty member of the MFA program at Fairfield University is running an eight-week memoir-writing course. My aunt wrote me, “…You inspired me. Will take good notes with you in mind. …” I am tickled — she has been an inspiration to me and I am certain her life stories hold inspiration for others, too. Woo-hoo, Aunt Liesa!


Thank You Project is a ‘go’

I haven’t stopped thinking about John Kralik’s 365 Thank Yous. Isn’t that always the sign of a good read? But Kralik’s book was more than just a good, entertaining and absorbing memoir. His experience was inspirational. Over the past couple of weeks there have been so many names untethered, on the loose in my memory bank. I am compelled to formally acknowledge people who have been kind or helpful or inspirational. Surely they are deserving of a handwritten, thoughtful, delivered-by-snail-mail message of gratitude. So I’m giving this a go and the first thank you goes out today. I like the idea of keeping track with a spreadsheet and especially like the idea of watching it grow like some unpredictable creature. Consistent technical maintenance is not one of my strengths, but I’m hoping that the spreadsheet will be a skeletal reference point and the satisfaction of watching it fill up will be motivation to load in my names, addresses and message drafts in a timely manner. Anyone else up for their own Thank You Project? It might be fun to talk about it together over time.