A Story of Her Own

Current Project -- Baby Alpaca scarfToday is a special day. My Aunt Liesa, a woman wise and endlessly supportive, is embarking on her own memoir-writing adventure. A faculty member of the MFA program at Fairfield University is running an eight-week memoir-writing course. My aunt wrote me, “…You inspired me. Will take good notes with you in mind. …” I am tickled — she has been an inspiration to me and I am certain her life stories hold inspiration for others, too. Woo-hoo, Aunt Liesa!


8 responses to “A Story of Her Own

  1. Woohoo, Aunt Liesa, indeed! I love how the creativity just keeps blossoming and growing.
    ~ Fran

  2. What a great project! “Writing Down the Bones” helped me with my (unfinished) family history, and is one of my favorites. Love the photo, too.

  3. Love the inspiration – both from you and your Aunt Liesa!

  4. How great – I wish my Aunt who passed away in her nineties had done that. We actually discussed it at one point, she said she wouldn’t be able to do it until many of the people involved were dead so they wouldn’t be hurt. Then she got dementia. I should have encourage her to write it and hide it!

  5. Writing Down the Bones is one of those classics I keep meaning to read and haven’t. Perhaps this will make the 2012 book list… Congratulations to your Aunt!

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