Water is this week’s Earth Wonders Photo Challenge theme

Come Watch with Me
Aren’t these chairs the perfect invitation? This week’s Earth Wonders photo challenge theme is water. What could be more fitting, as we wait for Hurricane Irene to blow through New Hampshire? According to the weather folks, she’s due anytime now, and I’m enjoying the electrical power while I’ve got it. But as far as this week’s challenge theme is concerned, I confess that it was the chairs that led me to the waterfront.
Lake View end of summer 08
Won’t you join me for a cup of tea and a sit with a water view?


6 responses to “Water is this week’s Earth Wonders Photo Challenge theme

  1. i wish i was in such beautiful surroundings

    • Chris, New Hampshire is a beautiful state, and offers such variety, from ocean and lake water frontage, to mountains for gorgeous views and hiking. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  2. Hi dear 🙂 what a delighful invitation. the view is gorgeous and the chairs do look comfy. wouldn’t mind to join you. hope everything goes alright during the hurricane. thank you for joining ‘Earth Wonders’. xoxo

  3. Gorgeous! I’m so glad you’re doing the Earth Wonders challenges. : )
    I may try to paint a version of one of these!

    • Yesterday was the perfect day to post a water-themed photo for the Earth Wonders challenge! Thanks, Jenny. I’d love to see what a painting of one of the photos looks like.

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