A Day of Beauty, or Saturdays are for Road Trips, part 1

What better way to celebrate the arrival of an out-of-town friend than to organize an all-day art tour? That’s what my friend Cynthia did, and Trudie and I were fortunate to be invited along. The day was full of many wow!s, beginning with a tour of C’s house and gardens, and an al fresco breakfast served on the porch. Sun hats provided by the hostess!

Did you notice that that’s a repurposed grill from which a butterfly garden now spews forth? Clever!

Rose petal and blueberry ice cubes for our iced blackberry tea were an elegant embellishment to the menu:  Tomato Frittata  –  Scones and Corn Muffins with Lemon Curd  –  Strawberries dipped in Yogurt. The rose petals were freshly picked, too. It would have been easy to linger on the porch, but we had places to go! First stop, apotheca flower shoppe & tea cart, a feast for the eyes and heart, in a charming train depot in Goffstown village.

There were so many handmade and vintage delights to admire here, not to mention an astounding number of beverage choices. But we had many more artful destinations in front of us.
a secret gardenAs C pulled up alongside this path, we all called out “photo opp!” in unison. Talk about Vitamin N — this was pure intoxication. After experimenting with various camera settings with which to capture the most sumptuous range of greens, I resisted temptation and got back into the car.

Stay tuned for more photos and Part II of our Saturday Artist Tour of southern New Hampshire.

6 responses to “A Day of Beauty, or Saturdays are for Road Trips, part 1

  1. Lisa, I love this post! Particularly the photograph, in which you look beautiful. Would love to see you sometime soon. Life is short and it’s jetting by!

    There is a piece out on the garden in the new (Fall) issue of COUNTRY GARDENS that I’m really pleased with. Anne Raver, from the TIMES, wrote it and the photos are really good.


  2. Dean, I cannot *wait* to rush out and grab my very own copy of the Fall issue of COUNTRY GARDENS (a fav mag, by the way)! Congratulations! I miss your company and admiring your work more than you can know. Photos of your garden get a lot of activity on my flickr stream.

  3. I love Apotheca! Megan worked there the spring semester of senior year and on through the summer until she left for college. It continually changes around. Gorgeous.

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