Mitered Knitting Marathon

Blanket SquaresI’ve got my eye on the prize

No, I'm not moving!

'No, I'm not moving!'

and so does Corabelle! She is a kitty-gone-wild with the scent of Noro Silk Garden and cannot be trusted alone with this project. See what happens when I turn my back?

As someone who enjoys the excitement that comes from the launch of a new project more than what often feels like the tedium of finishing (all those tendrils that need to be woven in or whip-stitching miles of seams), I am particularly pleased to have completed seven of the ten required squares for the Mitered Crosses Blanket. Yesterday was a marathon knitting fest here. And now I feel the downhill momentum!

6 responses to “Mitered Knitting Marathon

  1. Wow. That looks gorgeous! Nice work. You’ll have to be sure to share the finished product.

  2. Beautiful! You picked Corabelle’s best colors. I like to listen to recorded books during long boring finishing tasks. Current listening: Shanghai Girls by Lisa See.

  3. Beautiful, Lisa! I can’t wait to see the finished product–and to hear what you’re going to do next. I finished the back of the sweater I’m knitting; on to one side of the front. I’m far from finished; but having completed the back, I’m feeling an upsurge of knitting energy (as if I needed an upsurge!)!
    ~ Fran

  4. Those squares are gorgeous. I did buy the pattern, some day I’ll even try it out! I just finished crocheting a baby blanket in squares for my great niece/nephew to be and the sewing together and sewing in the ends required several Netflix escapades.

  5. wow! i LOVE those colors!!!!

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