Whistle while you work

Back to SchoolForgive the post title — it’s way past my bedtime and I’m punchy. But I just had to tell you what I’m up to. For the next two weeks I’ll be in that delicious bubble otherwise known as the residency for the graduate writing program at SNHU, only this year I’ve got a new gig. I’m working behind the scenes, helping things to run smoothly and in a timely fashion. I’ve still got the 3-ring binder but now it’s filled with organizational details and a bazillion phone numbers.  But pinch me —  I just spent the last hour hanging out in the dormitory kitchen exchanging one liners and hilarious anecdotes with a bestselling author and a humor novelist. Need I say more?!



6 responses to “Whistle while you work

  1. First off–the pedicure is fabulous! That ought to carry you for a couple of weeks alone! I hope it all runs smooth and if it doesn’t you dazzle them with your ability to think on your feet and recover.


  2. Lisa, So glad you’re having some fun, although I can’t believe you were up later than I was last night! (Or should I say this morning?!) I hope that it all goes well and that you continue to enjoy. Lots of love, Gina

  3. That so totally rocks!! Oh, and loooove the sandals. Thanks for the reminder that I need to get a pedicure! : ) Can’t wait to hear more about how the residency program goes.

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