Kewpie Comfort

Kewpie's First Garden TourWhile I wasn’t looking, Kewpie leapt off the window sill and made a giggling dash out the open door. Somehow I think she knew that a mini photo shoot would cheer me up after having lost the Zig Zag Table Runner Sew-along Contest. (sigh…)
Bathing in Pink PeepsThe peeps didn’t have a chance of surviving beyond Monday. Between Kewpie and me, the week’s bonus Weight Watcher points have come and gone.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you
for all of your encouragement and voting support during the sew-along contest. It was a fun and exhilarating run, while it lasted!


2 responses to “Kewpie Comfort

  1. I promise that I went to the site and tried to vote, but I’m an idiot and never figured it out, so my deepest condolences. On the other hand, the kewpie is terribly cute and I may have to find a friend to pose all over the place!

  2. Lisa, how could you POSSIBLY have lost the sew-along contest? I’m so sorry. Anyhoo, you know that WE think your work is the Best!
    ~ Fran

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