Spring Runner Sew-Along

Getting ready for the Spring Runner Sew-Along

Ever heard of zakka?! (Don’t feel badly — I hadn’t either.) As Rashida Coleman-Hale explains in I Heart Patchwork, it is a Japanese term, meaning “miscellaneous goods. … now understood as an aesthetic and design style, mainly focused on household items.”

One of the charming projects in her book is the Zigzag Table Runner. The ladies over at Stumbles and Stitches are hosting a Spring Runner Sew-along, with guidelines based on Rashida’s table runner. Isn’t the project badge pretty?

Spring Runner Sew-Along Button

They’ve set up a flickr group for images of completed runners. So even if you don’t want to join in, you can admire the pretty pics.

In the spirit of “patchwork” and pulling from the scrap bag, my spring runner will feature a Susan Sargent print that’s been waiting (and waiting) for the right project. I had already seized on a couple of polka dot remnants before noticing that Susan’s fabric has a few of its own! Perfect! The parrot green piece is left over from this quilt, which marks a particular place in my National Geographic-style lifeline, and is appropriately titled: The Amazonian Quilt.

If you love to sew and haven’t yet discovered Rashida’s book, take a look. It’s got lots of fun and pretty ideas for the home. … I’m off to press my scraps and start cutting!


8 responses to “Spring Runner Sew-Along

  1. Good luck and happy sewing..ELiza Keating

  2. If those are your fabrics in the top photo, wow, is that going to be gorgeous! I am travelling and cleaning during April. My Soul Restoration work will be the only other creativity I’m mixing in besides photography. Be sure to post pictures along the way!

  3. Hi Lisa, thanks for blogging about this project. Your fabric choices look so bright and fun, can’t wait to see the final result. You can never go wrong with polka dots!

  4. Thanks for the Susan Sargent link – I love her color palette. Looking forward to seeing your runner.

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