More Mitered Knitting

Spring knitting. I love it when I realize that different parts of my life match!

Matching the season!

New project
I’ve been thinking about doing a post dedicated to the blogs I follow on a regular basis. But until I get around to organizing all of those web links,
Happiness is ...
I have to tell you about Susan, a crafter out on the west coast. She seems to do it all, and she’s a young mom, too. Wow. One of her areas of expertise is quilting and she’s got a new book that just came out. Susan loves the log cabin pattern and has infused this American classic with new life. Her projects have such a zesty, youthful tone and modern application. Apparently she travels in the circle of the crafty elite, too, because Kay Gardiner of Mason-Dixon Knitting did a review of her book. And then Kay designed a Knitted Crosses Blanket pattern inspired by the book’s Modern Crosses quilt.
New Project Collage
It was love at first sight. I downloaded the pattern within minutes and raced to my local yarn store for a few balls of Noro Silk Garden. One of the things I most love about this pattern is that it is easy to remember. And it’s totally portable. And perhaps top on my personal list: no body measurements required!

Proceeds from the pattern sales are going to MercyCorps for its Japan relief efforts. That feels nice, too. To think it’s possible to “knit for Japan.” I like that. You can purchase a copy of the pattern on Ravelry or on the Mason-Dixon Knitting site.

I’m having a blast with these squares. As long as I can keep Corabelle’s paws out of the knitting tote, we’ll have a blanket before too long.

Cat Knitting

Here’s my furry companion and her own pink yarn.


7 responses to “More Mitered Knitting

  1. Beautiful, Lisa! I’m knitting a mitered-squares hat now myself. But I might hafta do the mitered-squares blanket for a newly arrived daughter of a dear friend. BTW, how do you get Corabelle to distinguish between HER yarn and YOUR yarn? 😉
    ~ Fran

  2. Gorgeous mitered squares. I’ve done a few via crochet and they are NEVER square enough… always pulling and unhappy. THESE are perfect. And the yarn looks scrumptious.

  3. I bought the pattern, but haven’t started. I’ve got a bunch of Gems Sport that I think would be great in this . Yours looks nice. Except for the cat part.

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