Mosaic Monday

Sunday Flickr

1. Tea for Three, 2. Aurora Clutch Camélia, 3. WIP Crochet painting, 4. while the house was still sleeping, 5. kitchen happy, 6. YIP 365.331 :: Twinkle twin , 7. Fabric Of the Week Winner: Jokers & Fools, 8. Saturday love, 9. life imitates art, 10. Cora looking for her 15 mins of fame, 11. Mashup Yarn #1, 12. St Paddy’s Day Pugs, 13., 14. A few favourites, 15. CIMG0220, 16. Charlie on the front porch

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys

Here are some of my recent favorites from flickr‘s universe, with a few of my own images sprinkled in. I’m sure you recognize Corabelle, who has parked herself in the center of my tabletop photo cube. There’s nothing like a splash of saturated color to send my mood soaring. Each of the links below the mosaic is your passport to the artist’s world. Happy traveling!

5 responses to “Mosaic Monday

  1. Wonderful colors! Colors always make me happy. Thanks for the mosaic, Lisa. ~ Fran

  2. Gorgeous. You always have such a great eye!

  3. I’m glad you all found the mosaic as cheerful as I do! Thanks for stopping and taking the time to comment. Love those reader comments!

  4. I just love this!

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