A night of tea, tales, and touchstones

This month is our fifth anniversary. We are a small but energetic group of four writers with loads of other creative interests on the side. Sometimes drawing or painting or photography or gardening or sewing or knitting or cartooning takes center stage, and we come to the table with few words on paper to share. But we’re good about show ‘n tell. Without fail, sparks of inspiration fly between us and I coast on renewed energy for days afterward. This month, K’s daughter, home on semester break, planned a special surprise for us. When I entered the dining room, it was as though we were in our own private function room at an elegant country inn. A tea pot that stayed replenished. Vintage cups and saucers. Silver flatware and holiday china. Talk about pampering!

Our glorious chefs, in their adorable monogrammed aprons.

The girls spent their day shopping for fresh ingredients and cooking. Our menu:

Moroccan Chicken Stew served over Quinoa
Onion & Rosemary Bread and Herby Olive Oil for dipping
Almond & Cherry Chocolate Clusters
bottomless cups of tea

While we oohed and aahed over our food, the girls were kind enough to write up the recipes. The evening was nothing short of warmth and encouragement. And at the end of it, we trundled to our cars with a few more dessert clusters for later.

If you’d like a copy of the recipes, leave me a comment below. I’ll email them out to you as an attachment.

13 responses to “A night of tea, tales, and touchstones

  1. How totally lovely, Lisa! I absolutely do want the recipes for the Morrocan chicken stew and the almond and cherry chocolate clusters. Sounds like a wonderful get-together. ~ Fran

  2. What a seriously cool time that sounds!! Good for you guys!

  3. Lisa, I’m thinking about starting dinner, and these recipes sound wonderful. Please send the recipes. What a delightful way to celebrate five years together.

    • Your recipes are in your e-mail, Carol! I made the Moroccan Chicken Stew last night for company and it turned out great. Because couscous isn’t insulin resistant-friendly, I served mine over butternut squash.

  4. I would love the recipes! I always enjoy your blog and have followed you for a very long time.

  5. Kathleen Gilday

    If I weren’t there in person, I’d be so jealous! It was a glorious night indeed! And thanks for the wonderful words about Kaitlin – I am very proud of her!

  6. Lisa, I feel inspired and pampered just reading about your evening! What a wonderful experience! Please send me the recipes. -Gina

  7. Lisa, thanks for capturing such a great evening. I keep wandering back here to look at the pictures and embrace that evening — and the many others the group has had over the years. A treasure!

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