How to Make a Joyful Snowflake Window

snowflakes in my windowThis little project started with a Friday night and the blog post of an
inspiring crafter over in the UK.
more snowflakes in my window

Snowflake materials: a stack of white paper, a pencil, bowls and cups in a
variety of sizes, and sharp scissors.

Snowflakes: On the paper, trace the cups and bowls to create circles of different sizes for your snowflakes. Cut out the shapes. Fold each one in half, then half again, and half one more time. Experiment with different cut-out patterns on the outer edge of each folded circle, the interior of the snowflake, and the center (the point of your folded pie-wedge shape).
Have fun — there are no rules!

Garland: one spool quilting thread and a sewing needle

Assembly: stagger the sequence of the different snowflake sizes for a random, happy snow flurry

with the needle and thread, attach the snowflakes to one another, adding an extra loop at the top end for the curtain rod

This project has really lifted my spirits.
Chilly gray skies seem less ominous now that my window is all prettied up.
I hope you’ll give it a try and find it equally rewarding.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!



5 responses to “How to Make a Joyful Snowflake Window

  1. Those are gorgeous and I haven’t made a paper snowflake in years! Looks like huge fun. I know what I’ll be doing Sunday afternoon! Thank you for sharing that. Hoping you have the best of Thanksgivings. Jenny

  2. So pretty. It really puts me in the mood for holiday decorating. I made a paper snowflake this weekend to use as a stencil for sprinkling powdered sugar on top of an almond torte I made for thanksgiving. Your home looks lovely!

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  4. I didn’t make any this year and lost my box from years past 😉 Next Year!

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