Tea with a Friend

Friendship Tea

It was a spur of the moment invitation for a cup of tea and one that I initiated. I hadn’t seen my friend’s sweet little Victorian since she’d moved in over a year ago. Her California roots have taken hold and inspired such elegant outdoor living. My jaw dropped at the bounty of morning glories still in bloom at three o’clock in the afternoon. And then I saw the tea party she’d set out. Exquisite. As the dinner hour approached, we each grabbed a quilt, poured the last of the tea, and kept on chatting, in spite of the chill. 

I love my life, but if there is one thing I long for, it is what I call the village lifestyle. Quality time spent with friends seems to require calendars and appointments that are squeezed in between too many obligations. I miss spontaneous drop-in visits — at your house or mine — and the easy flow of day-to-day news. For one afternoon, my desires were perfectly satiated. Thank you, my friend!


5 responses to “Tea with a Friend

  1. dreamy and refreshing as well as inspiring…as always love the photos lili!!

  2. Lisa, this makes me want to go to where ever this is and share the moment….
    Oh ….gee , it is my porch!! I loved creating the space for us. It is such a gift to have friends who enjoy beauty! So blessed by you , my friend!

    Thanks, I loved our time together having tea and pumpkin bread! I love the photos!
    I am so glad you captured the Morning Glorys as the frost a day or two later froze them! How do I capture these images to computor’s My Pictures folder?

  3. I have also sat on this beautiful porch……and enjoyed the peace of stolen leisure time with a friend, and I say stolen because these days, if feels stolen from the rush of our ” have to do’s” that constantly pull on us. Thank you Cynthia for giving me an excuse to “stop” and enjoy life and the comfort of girl time.

  4. Wow. What a gorgeous place!! Gorgeous photos and a good time with a good friend. Yeah, it doesn’t get much better than that!

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