Lantern Installation Complete

This project was a first in more ways than one — first time painting on Japanese lanterns. First time being asked to solve a client’s decorating problem. And truth be told, first time I’ve made a lady bug-themed curtain.  The splashes of cherry red throughout the newly adorned children’s area at the garden center  are upbeat and, from what I hear, lends itself to an appealing play area for its target audience. It had been a long while since I’d messed about with the paints, but I have to say that it felt good, in spite of the late hour and pressing deadline. Think I’ll try my hand at some more lantern decorating and see where it takes me.

Corabelle (in the photo below) is as loyal a companion as I could ever desire. Mind if I share  a quick snapshot of her as she waits for the evening knitting to be brought out? Her energetic response to yarn renders her untrustworthy when left alone with either raw skeins or a project-in-process. Alas, I have had to sequester my Lizard Ridge afghan and Curves of Pursuit blanket out of her sniff zone. Sad, as the colors are so happy. Nevertheless, I find Corabelle’s charms and doting presence irresistible. …


4 responses to “Lantern Installation Complete

  1. Those came out gorgeous! Love the shot of color from the birds too!!

  2. Corabelle is simply gorgeous. I miss having a cat.

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