Fantastic Fabric Fun Over on Spoonflower


It all began with this colored pencil design for a quilt top. The quilt is in process and features a lot of Japanese-themed fabrics. But I wanted to see if the overall pattern would or could be reframed as a textile pattern. Have you heard about OMG – such fun. A friend from my weaving days introduced me to the site a few years ago and ever since I’ve been admiring other designers’ fabrics. Tonight was the night to give it a go myself.

After scanning my little sketch with my trusty HP/printer-scanner, opened up the file in Corel Paint Shop Pro, the same program I use for my photos. It was difficult to get rid of the scan’s blue cast, but I took it as far as I could without distorting the pink and green.

It is super-easy to register as a “designer” (!) on Spoonflower. And it doesn’t cost a penny to do so.  And look what I was able to make:

Spring Fever fabric by nellapink on Spoonflower - custom fabric

The design-your-own-fabric web site offers additional file editing in Picnick. That’s how I was able to get rid of the last of the scan’s blue cast. Then I played with pattern layout options — this is a mirrored repeat — and size of original pattern. I brought this one down to 3.5×5″ from its original 5×6 “(+/-).

Blue Sky Triangles

Why stop at one? Here’s the other drawing I converted into fabric.

The fat quarter swatches have been ordered and now all I have to do is watch my mailbox. Nine business days, the web site advises. Can’t wait! You can be sure I’ll be sharing the visuals!


4 responses to “Fantastic Fabric Fun Over on Spoonflower

  1. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. This is amazing! I am eager to see your visuals. I am so intrigued with the pink and green. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is seriously cool!! I love the other drawing as well!

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