Taking Direction

tea leaf fortuneToday’s tea leaf fortune. The message I received as I prepared cups of tea for myself and my Creative Entrepreneur brainstorming partner, Trudie. We had just been discussing a marketing plan for my Joy Cards.

The background I chose for my little photo shoot (I could not leave this message undocumented!) is a bolt of fabric that I wove in another lifetime. Not literally, of course. But at least 30 years ago. It is a 12-harness weave inspired by Gustav Klimt’s painting “The Kiss.” Quite a few of my handwoven fabric designs were rooted in the art work of favorite painters. I liked to experiment with the painters’ palettes and color balance, play with variations that diverged from the original work. The golden rayon warp lends drape to the fabric; the rainbow weft was hand-dyed by yours truly and is the heart of my interpretation of Klimt’s painting. I could never decide on what to sew with this fabric but have instead always enjoyed it as a simple, delicious roll in my stash basket. I think it reflects the spirit of my tea leaf fortune, too!

One response to “Taking Direction

  1. One of my favorite quotes and the fabric is just gorgeous!!

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