Full House

Our guest feels right at home.

We’ve had company this week: Penny Lane the basset hound, my very own grand-pup. Actually, she’s two, so she’s a tad beyond puppyhood. But still, it’s been like having a toddler again — whining when I’m out of sight, even for a minute; lots of messes to clean up; daily outings for fresh air and exercise; and a preference for sleeping with ‘the parents’ rather than on her own!  Yes, Penny’s preferred nighttime location is under the covers and at our feet. Not wanting to disrupt her routine any more than necessary, we have accommodated this surprising habit. I confess: I’m looking forward to laundering and sun-drying the bed linens today. And taking down the doggie gates that have provided the two kitties, Jenna and Corabelle, a hound-free safe zone.

Long walks with Penny have afforded me some time to contemplate my next sewing and knitting projects. But first, some stash photos. Tomorrow. See you then!

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