Sewing My Way Home

What (or should I say 'who') I made on my summer vacation
How was I to find my way back after the intensity of the past two years of writing and last weekend’s graduation? The answer was sewing. Mimi Kirchner’s Purl Girl pattern has been tempting me for months. So I abandoned all sense of reason and grown-up responsibility and unplugged from the world for a few days. Out of my fog emerged Persephone. I can’t tell you where or how her name came to me — it just did. But not until she was ready for her first photo shoot.

P’s outer frock is made from a scrap of antique Japanese kimono; her underskirt is  the repurposed edging of a vintage pillow case. For her body, I used felt ordered from Purl Bee.

Mimi’s pattern is free, easy to follow, and fun to customize. I highly recommend this rejuvenation project — for girls of all ages!

5 responses to “Sewing My Way Home

  1. This doll is so lovely Lisa,it must have been very relaxing making her .I have always wanted to make rag dolls and as im starting the artists way again i think one of my artist dates will be getting some bits and bobs to make a doll for my inner child .Thoughts of being creative help to lift depresion so actually making things could help a lot ,i hope .

  2. good luck with your progect, i now youll do great!!

  3. Kathleen Gilday


    I love your latest posts – so much fun. You are making the most of your ‘down’ time like you always do … with craft projects like no other! I love the exotic, mysterious Persephone!

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