I’m feeling Spring!

Spring Baskets MosaicThis is my first week back at the garden center. The greenhouse is filled with pots of hyacinth, tulips, tete-a-tetes (mini daffodils), grape hyacinth, pansies and violas. A delicious, sweet aroma is my first point of contact as I arrive for work. Assembling Easter baskets (as in these cell-phone pics) is my assignment through Saturday. Talk about a happy job!

Yesterday the rain was pelting down on the roof with such force that conversation was not possible. But sun and warm temps are predicted for the weekend. I am looking forward to casting off the polar fleece and gloves. Leaving the puddle jumpers at home in favor of more comfortable sneakers.

Velvety petals of pansies seem to be smiling and have a way of lifting everyone’s spirits, leading us in another Spring celebration. The biggest challenge? Deciding which colors to bring home to my own garden.

The ides of March are behind us. Happy Spring!

3 responses to “I’m feeling Spring!

  1. After the cold winters of our lives we deserve some spring!

  2. Hey ! It’s been such a long time since I’ve been on here. I definetly feel spring as well here in Arizona. It such a nice day outside and so many things to take pictures of! Take care.

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