Do Lessons from Kindergarten Still Apply?

Barbara Winter’s recent blog post about “tools” touched on one of my favorite topics. To paraphrase briefly, there are wonderful self-discoveries to be had by paying attention to the tools that we enjoy using. So what does this have to do with kindergarten, you may be wondering? Pictures, paper, pens & pencils, glue and scissors still make my world go round, my heart sing. And let’s add ‘words’ to the equation, too.

Using the concept of “bliss,” I took a blank notebook (a mock-up from the printer for Eating Clean) and went to town with images from magazines, a Victorian-themed calendar, stickers, and scrapbook papers. Talk about fun! Welcome to the covers of my 2010 art journal.


4 responses to “Do Lessons from Kindergarten Still Apply?

  1. Very cool!! I want to make one now. Art and office supply stores make me want to create!

  2. I, too, love art supply and stationery stores. When I was a kid I only wanted ‘nice’ notebooks for school, from the stationers, not Woolworths! I especially love Puss in Boots.

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