Creating the Lovable Life

Last night I needed something to read, a segue between 10 hours of memoir-focused writing (with more than a few email, facebook and snack breaks, I confess) and some shut-eye. I went to my bookshelf and selected Live What You Love by Bob and Melinda Blanchard. If you haven’t read their first book, A Trip to the Beach, it’s a must.

LWYL is the kind of book you can open up at any page and find the narrative refreshing as well as inspirational. A few pages before bed were just what I needed to change mental channels and calm down for sleep. I particularly like the book’s subtitle: “notes from an unusual life”. Speaks to my memoir material, too. This has been an unusual life!

So this morning I decided to check out their web site. Gosh, I’m hooked! They talk a lot about the Big 4: Passion, People, Environment and Money. (Reminds me of the four ice cream scoops of major pursuits I am supposed to keep in my virtual ice cream dish.) Worthy of more pondering. 

 … The memoir project has certainly detracted from my available time for blogging … and I MISS IT!

Until next time,
the joy-capturing shutterbug,

2 responses to “Creating the Lovable Life

  1. Both of those books sound wonderful! I’ll have to check them out as soon as get through the current pile beside my bed!

  2. Sounds interesting. I’m off to check them out!

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