creative battery recharge

… from the comfort of my bed. After so many hours and days spent on the computer, I really felt the need to do something with my hands.

And the view from where I sit.

(In another lifetime, I made the stained glass lampshade.)


3 responses to “creative battery recharge

  1. I love your cat!! Your dresser, mirror and lampshade! LOL I sure wish I were home and working on my memoirs. I started reading Julia Child’s last night. I enjoyed the movie, but it left me a bit unsettled. I’m taking my daughter to see it if it’s still around. Something about going after our dreams…

  2. Okay, still seriously in love with the cat. We can’t own one (allergies) but I still adore them.

  3. Do you have the allergies or is it someone else in the family? If it’s not you, perhaps someday you can come over and meet my Corabelle and Jenna (she’s camera-shy). They are delightful and friendly.

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