Sunday Night Redefined: it’s a Dance

Last Sunday night a bunch of us gathered in a friend’s basement.  We loaded up the CD player and practiced our salsa, cha cha, rumba, east coast and west coast swing, and even the waltz, which is what ML and I are doing in this photo.

Yes, my friend painted the Cat-in-the-Hat on the wall and the cute paw prints on the floor, too! It’s a really fun space. Dancing with friends on a Sunday night was a whole new way to enjoy the end of a late-summer weekend. … Have you danced in your basement today?!

4 responses to “Sunday Night Redefined: it’s a Dance

  1. when I was a kid, my dad converted the garage from car parking space to play space for us. He painted the floor, then painted 60’s style daisy flowers like these all over the floor. Lots of different colors. It was a fun space to play in. A lot of singing and go go dancing took place on that flowered floor. A few remnants of those flowers remain today.

  2. Cool, Patti! What a great Dad you had, too. Ah, go-go dancing. Remember the mini dresses and thigh-high boots? In white patent leather?! Love the stencil link. Thanks!

  3. I was just a kid, maybe 12, so all my go go dancing was done as play and never in thigh-high boots.

  4. Isn’t dancing a wonderful memory? I remember just standing and twirling until I felt dizzy. Twirly skirts were the best. Standing on my dad’s feet to learn to dance. Hanging out with friend’s until they closed whatever club we were dancing in. Wonderful memories. Thank you for the reminder! Jenny

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