Happy Hump Day


Between the Rain Drops

Between the Rain Drops

It’s Wednesday and I’m excited: this evening is the monthly Writers’ Group get-together. I’ll be sharing June’s writing submission for the MFA program (which also marks almost one year completed). Feedback on these 30 pages from my mentor was thrillingly positive and no matter who one is writing for (it’s supposed to be for ourselves first and foremost, right?), it feels great. The plan of the program is that by graduation, each grad has a complete book manuscript and has received guidance and advice on query letters and nonfiction book proposals. If you can’t already tell, I l-o-v-e this program! The quality of teacher response/feedback surpasses anything I’ve ever experienced.

Our writing group is small (4) and we are flexible bunch. Although I am working on a book manuscript, someone else may be developing content for their business web site and someone else is having a writing lull but painting instead. Whatever the contribution, all is welcome. And if one of us is in an utter dry spell, then we’re glad they’ve shown up and hope they’ll feel inspired afterwards. After three years of monthly meetings, the trust level is high and the friendship deep. Tea (one of us is British) will be served, chunks of dark chocolate will be consumed. I can hardly wait!


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