Tea and Simple Abundance Look towards Spring

Sunday tea and talk inspire simple abundance.

My post beneath the picture above is in seven words. This is intentional. I wanted to express in the sparest of narrative, the essence of my friend‘s presentation on Sunday afternoon at a local tea room, AntiquiTeas. And after completing my most recent 30-pages of writing for school (plus two book reviews!), I find that I am enamored of the current trend of telling a story in six words. (Are you familiar with this?) I ran over by one word this time … I’ll do better next time.

I invite you to visit my flickr photo stream to see more photo inspiration from my afternoon at the tea room.

There’s been a long hiatus since I’ve posted photos. A weird and inexplicable transformation began to appear on photos run through their paces on the PC. So I’ve revitalized my Mac for just this purpose. And it feels great to be back!

Wishing you a terrific week

3 responses to “Tea and Simple Abundance Look towards Spring

  1. Lisa, thank you so much for these pictures. You capture the magic and intrigue of the tearoom–and the afternoon– so nicely.

    Or should I say:
    Thanks for capturing the tearoom intrigue.


  2. Lisa,

    I love these photos! You capture the beautiful stream of sunlight that was with us yesterday — thanks to Trudie and Antiquiteas!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I so miss this place…

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