Dance as Metaphor



Learning to be a good Argentine Tango follower is about surrender. So in Saturday’s “Followers’ Workshop” we practiced exercises in trust (yes, gently tipping to the side or backwards or frontwards with our eyes closed, trusting that someone would break the fall), feeling our partner’s weight change and again, with eyes closed, being in tune with and following our partners’ movement around the floor. I had to slow down, let go of everything else on my mind, and be totally present in the moment. … Leave a desire for control at the door. And take the lesson home. After a fabulous night of dancing to live tango band and staying up way too late.

Boleo Workshop

Boleo Workshop


One response to “Dance as Metaphor

  1. It sounds like a great and challenging class. I miss my latin dance classes and hubby and i intend to learn tango together when we move back to Australia next year.

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