Writing Journey – School Report #1

 Sunday – day #3. Today we meet and spend the day with Anne Fadiman, our visting master writer. We are in our own bubble of writers and words here, in a beautiful New Hampshire mountain setting. There is even a fox den at the base of our dormitory’s hill, amidst a burbling brook and giant ferns. The momentum of the residency program has an engaging hum of its own; I resist driving off campus in favor of staying in step with the rhythm.

4 responses to “Writing Journey – School Report #1

  1. So glad you brought your camera — gorgeous shots. Lovely vicarious living for the rest of us.
    Congratulations to you, dear Lisa, for making it happen. And do enjoy it all. Lots of love. Liesa

  2. Wow! How I envy you right now! I would so love to be out there writing. Enjoy your time there and soak up lots of creative energies.

  3. I want to be a master writer. How awesome is that?
    Hope you are doing great!

  4. Lisa
    What lovely photos & writing (like listening in to your gentle thoughts!) I loved the photos of Nan’s house (do I know her?) Call me when you are passing through . . I miss seeing you. Hope all is well.
    Love, Susan

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