It’s got old-fashioned appeal here

York Beach, Maine - Lisa Allen Lambert

Our first two days in York, Maine, were chilly enough to require polar fleece and space heaters. However, the walking was still good!

Come Watch with Me - Lisa Allen Lambert

Kathleen, this one’s for you!

Mermaid in the Garden - Lisa Allen LambertA garden with an ocean view and a mermaid to keep everyone safe?!

Here’s a wider view:
Mermaid in the Garden II - Lisa Allen Lambert

So, until the sun came out, we bundled up and set out on foot for some sightseeing. Look at what we found!
Taffy Pull Mosaic - Lisa Allen Lambert
Doesn’t the pulled taffy look like a gorgeous swath of fabric? (for a larger version of the final cut-and-wrap process, click here) The candy making process is completely viewable through The Goldenrod’s storefront windows and there is never a lack of a crowd. For me, there’s a thrill in the old-fashioned mechanical process. Nothing robotic. No computers required. I noticed I wasn’t the only baby-boomer oohing and aahing! Must be some kind of generational comfort thing plied with happy penny candy memories?

At last, the fog cleared, the temperature soared, and the sky was blue again.
Private Beach - Lisa Allen Lambert

So I’m off for some beachy walking.


2 responses to “It’s got old-fashioned appeal here

  1. Oh Lisa, what a magnificent group of photos! I wish I was there … hope you enjoy ever minute. I would love to paint one of these gorgeous shots. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Enjoy your beach walking. It looks like a magnificent spot. Gorgeous photos as always.

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