Follow the Garden Path

Starswept Cottage Lisa Allen Lambert Nantucket

My friend Nan has spent most of her adult life creating her Starswept Cottage on Nantucket Island. It all began with a dream and waitressing at a local breakfast spot thirty-five years ago. She loves building construction and remodeling projects. Because her budget is usually tight, she spins necessity and Yankee ingenuity into opportunity and has become a great one for recognizing the possibilities in materials that are free and readily available. Thus this inviting garden path that winds around behind the house. Want to see more? Click here.

3 responses to “Follow the Garden Path

  1. Beautiful! By the way, what kind of cat is Tais? Handsome but a little grumpy wasn’t he? Check out my Aruba, Spain and other stuff at Thanks!

  2. Of course I wanted to see more! What a gorgeous cottage! It is amazing and she did a wonderful job decorating it and making it cozy. Is it her full-time home or does she rent it out? Just being nosey as I sometimes wonder about the way people decorate things and if they do it differently for full-time homes or vacation homes. Your photos are great!

  3. What a gorgeous garden path and what a great idea! A beautiful photo as always 😉

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