A Vision for Gardening in the City


lisa allen lambert sarah's garden entry

Approaching my friend Sarah’s inner-city garden, I am first greeted with a miniature bench that is just the right size for one of her three young children. The solar lamp post is in perfect proportion to the Tom Thumb picket fence, too, and it all works together to create a most charming veggie patch.


lisa allen lambert sarahs veggie patch
Tidy rows and not a weed in sight!


lisa allen lambert sunflower growing

A lone sunflower and …


lisa allen lambert pink geranium flowers
a happy cluster of pink geraniums in a hanging basket complete this endearing kitchen garden.
Bon appetit!

2 responses to “A Vision for Gardening in the City

  1. What a pretty garden. I love the little bench and solar light – too cute. I also love the neat rows and the walkway to make sure everything is clearly defined. It certainly was weed-free too! I need to get to weeding my garden myself. 🙂

  2. I am afraid my garden in never weed free, in spite of mucho mulch. I just try to get the big chunks out!

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