Free Artist Date Visuals

Lisa Allen downtown nashua
This Artist Date can easily absorb a couple of hours, so be sure to allow yourself enough time. Head to the Periodicals racks in your local library’s Arts & Entertainment department. Fill your arms with any and all magazines that appear interesting. Get comfy at a table or in an armchair (our library offers cushy seating scattered throughout) and b-r-o-w-s-e and r-e-a-d without looking at the clock, until you’ve exhausted your pile! Yesterday I had a delightful time reading the latest issues of Fiber Arts and Craft.
golden door dvd covergolden door dvd covergolden door dvd covergolden door dvd coverAfter filling my head with visions of the latest happenings in the world of fiber and many-things-textile, I checked out Golden Door. DVD rentals are another freebie at the library. This one came from the International shelf and promises to be an engaging tale about a family coming to the United States through Ellis Island.
Lisa Allen moolie's easter cookies
And then of course it was time for some tea and cookies. Wishing you an artful weekend!

2 responses to “Free Artist Date Visuals

  1. This is a great idea. I need to make more time for stuff like this.

  2. I agree with Teeni! Sounds like a marvelous day that would help get the creative juices flowing! I’m going to have to do one soon.

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