Valentine’s Day Photo Essay

hearty pancakes
Heart-y chocolate chip pancakes for my sweetheart. I made my own “forms”
using strips of folded aluminum foil. If you want to see the how-to pics, just post
 a comment and I’ll get back to you. I was particularly excited about setting up this little
photo shoot, as I received a macro lens from hubby this morning. Very exciting
to work in this new perspective.
tea, rose, and beads
We enjoyed herbal tea after lunch. The macro lens is getting a workout!
pink joy
There’s nothing like fresh flowers to make me smile. And pink’s even better!
Can you see how much fun I’ve having with the new macro lens?!
valentine on windowsill
This valentine arrived in a pink polka-dot envelope. Thank you, B!
heart-sweet fabric
And someday I’ll get around to making a pair of pj’s with this fun fabric.
Hope you had as pink and pretty and happy Valentine’s Day as I did.

7 responses to “Valentine’s Day Photo Essay

  1. Aww – these photos are great! I am glad you got the lens because I certainly am enjoying your pictures! Happiness , Love, Warmth, and Health to you today and every day!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Thanks for sharing. The macro lens and you, what a delightful combo.

  3. I don’t even remember how I found your blog anymore, but it’s such a pleasure to see your photos!

  4. Love Love Love the valentine pink photos! Thank you for their artful cheeriness. Great for photo cards perhaps?? Beth

  5. Great photos, Lisa! I love using my macro lens … it gives a whole new dimension to photos! 🙂 Have fun playing with it. ~ hugs, Lynda xo

  6. Lisa,
    You make everything look cuter, sweeter, and more delicious. Thanks for adding so much color to life!

  7. Selah Guerrero

    I just love those! How- to pics, please? (:

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