Christmas in January

holiday christmas breakfast
We celebrated Christmas this weekend. With my hubby’s clan. Whether there’s a holiday or not, there’s always lots of good food and a beautifully set table at their place.
janie's hat
This is the Zig Zag hat I made for my very appreciative mother-in-law. The yarn is Claudia’s handpainted merino, a delight to work with. Blocking flat was recommended by the hat’s designer. I wish I’d had a head mannequin instead. Next time I would block by misting the hat rather than completely soaking. Nonetheless, it was a successful gift.
life imitates art
My m-i-l is a world-class homemaker and original paintings hang in every room. I thought it was particularly fun how life imitates art with the addition of an enamelware coffee pot set beneath this painting. Of course, the painting’s morning glories — one of my all-time favorite summertime blooms — may have been what first caught my eye! … A fabulous weekend was had by all.

2 responses to “Christmas in January

  1. What a beautiful table set for a holiday feast! Very warm and cheerful and great reminder of the power of family sharing.

  2. Where do you get all of your fabulous yarns? When I go to the craft store, all they have are acrylics.

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