For the Love of Pink

pink bog jacket_1
During last summer’s International Notion Bag Swap, my secret swap partner included a delectable surprise in my package: two balls of this absolutely scrumpalitious pink Panda Cotton, a blend of cotton, bamboo and elastic nylon. It was love at first sight. But what to make with it?
The lovely pink balls of yarn teased me from their craftroom perch for months, yet creative inspiration continued to elude me. Until I revisited “Knitting Around” by Elizabeth Zimmerman. When I saw the picture of the Baby Bog Jacket I knew I’d found the perfect pink project. Not that there’s a baby girl in my life or anything. Who knows … maybe this will be the project that launches my etsy site. But that remains to be seen. …
What’s Panda Cotton like to work with? The elastic element gives it a nice squishy feel and overall it is a delight to knit. Not one for endless repetition, I am surprised that the yummy appeal of this yarn eliminates the tedium one might expect with a garment made entirely in garter stitch.

One response to “For the Love of Pink

  1. Oh, I hope you don’t forget to show us the finished project when it is done. The yarn looks and sounds like a treat to work with! 🙂

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