A very busy Saturday

saturday mosaic
Much of the day: Eating Clean book selling and food sampling event at my gym. So many people amazed and delighted that such a sweet treat as the Fruit ‘n Nut Spread indeed makes for clean eating and it’s delicious, too. Lots of activity, lots of chat, lots of fun. In spite of the high heels.
In between: Work on logo revisions for client. Still in heels. If I took them off I might lose my momentum.
Early evening: That’s my brother on the left, waiting to catch the spinning pizza dough at his new restaurant, Trattoria al Forno in Haverhill, MA. Brick oven pizza and quality Italian cuisine. Nope, they don’t have a web site. But I’m insisting it’s a must and offered to help them out. I took lots of pictures documenting their opening night. Still in heels. Even when standing on chair to shoot freshly baked pizza for proud trattoria owner.
And then: Argentine Tango Milonga in Manchester, NH. I earn my entrance fee by taking lottso photos and posting them on flickr. Yup. Still in heels. My feet are beginning to complain.
Home again, home again, jiggedy jig. Time for pj’s and bare feet while downloading 155 photos onto the computer. bon nuit!

4 responses to “A very busy Saturday

  1. Ohhh! What a great sounding day! The dancing looks like so much fun!

    I actually met my husband latin dancing, though we were both learning more Brasilian street style dance. My favourite is the Gaffiera (I think that’s how it’s spelt), which is nicknamed the Brasilian tango. Lots of fun!

  2. Hmmm – your brother’s restaurant looks like a place I might like to try as I don’t think it’s too far away.

  3. Maryann Donohoe

    I hope they’ve agreed to the website. They don’t have a phone listing either – very frustrating – I can’t even find out their business hours.

  4. Thank you!!! I went there Tuesday night, and it was absolutely delicious!!!

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