Knitters’ Nite Out

knitters mosaic

Last night was a festive occasion at The Saffron Bistro. It was our Annual Knitters’ Nite Out, an event that always enjoys 100% attendance.Our knitting group has been meeting regularly, every other Tuesday, for over three years now. Originally born from a business networking group, there were six of us small business owners who also shared a passion for knitting. One scrapped her part-time handmade jewelry biz when she found a new, demanding position in corporate. And then our group grew to its current size of seven when we took in another passionate knitter, who’s not a business owner at all but was a colleague of  one of us before she said good-bye to an editorial career in high-tech and became a personal chef. Our professional vocations span financial planning, tea, therapy, high-tech editorial, and my own variety of endeavors stemming from eating clean. Some of us have completed multiple projects, some have yet to finish a project. We are a diverse group. But I gotta tell ya, we all love to laugh.

Every October we each pull out our calendars and settle on a common, available date for our Holiday Outing. Satisfying the adventuresses within, we vote on a restaurant that begs discovering. Someone makes reservations. And the anticipation begins.

After four hours of delicious food and hilarious stories enjoyed in elegant surroundings so befitting our annual get-together, there were hugs and holiday wishes all around. And then just the twinkle of holiday lights in the December mist. 


2 responses to “Knitters’ Nite Out

  1. It sure was a grand evening. We’ve all come a long way in three years. What a joy it is to grow together.

  2. I love you all! Special thanks to Patti for inviting me into this group. ~ Fran

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