A Mosaic as Contest Entry

lizard ridge mosaic entry

A fellow wordpress blogger, BitterSweet, is running an exciting contest. I don’t know the full backstory, but the bottom line is, she’s offering a Kodak color photo printer as the grand prize!  The posting of a photo mosaic with a minimum of 3 photos, linking back to her blog post of the Kodak EasyShare Printer she was given for review, is the submission requirement. The deadline is this Friday.

Always up for making a mosaic, I immediately began thinking about what image series I might want to create as my entry. The camera ‘ate’ my final photo of the Sugar-free Cranberry Sauce, so that eliminated that possibility. And I’ve got another idea up my sleeve. But just in case something gets in the way of meeting the deadline with a photo series that has yet to be created and photo’d – I thought I’d do a mosaic with the infamous (and are you sick of seeing it yet?) Lizard Ridge Afghan. … Wish me luck!


2 responses to “A Mosaic as Contest Entry

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  2. Hi! I’m just stopping in on all the participants of Hannah’s printer contest. Your mosaic is very pretty and you are a very talented knitter!

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