Monday Mosaic, my Thanksgiving for flickr

Mosaic Monday 11/19/07 -  Thanksgiving for flickr

1. turning twenty baby quilt – rick rack, 2. ornament idea #3, 3. vintage pillowcases, 4. Contentment, 5. gusto por la vida., 6. peeling potatoes, 7. A poda…, 8. Summit cow, 9. Toucas´, 10. Gardens of Hollyhocks and Roses, 11. Bolerito Teen (B 6010), 12. Almoço

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

If I were to fess up, I would have to admit that I spend way too much time travelling the world via The beauty and skill that you’ll find there is mutually humbling and inspiring; dare I say: “addictive”? As a self-proclaimed photography nut, I prefer to consider my hours spent browsing and admiring as a learning experience and not that different from visiting a gallery or museum exhibit. But with an ever-watchful eye on my life-balance and time management, I have determined the need to pull in the reins, or I could easily wile away all of my free time hanging out on

My initial blog post this evening was a more personal Thanksgiving mosaic, with photos of family and home. However, not everyone in my orbit is thrilled at the prospect of their image going worldwide. So out of respect for their preference for privacy, I scrapped that plan and started over. The result? A mere 12 of some of the hundreds of flickr photos I’ve flagged as “favorites”.

I am often asked, “How much time do you spend blogging?” Well. I’ve been busy at my laptop this evening since 7:00 and it’s now 11:30 p.m. What can I tell you? I am hopelessly attached to my cyber social life.

Here’s wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving (assuming you celebrate) and thank you for stopping by!

3 responses to “Monday Mosaic, my Thanksgiving for flickr

  1. Another fabulous mosaic, Lisa! I can completely lose track of time while browsing Flickr or reading blogs … wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!! ~ hugs, Lynda xoxo

  2. I am so honored to have one of my favorite photos included!
    I wish you and your family a fabulous thanksgiving!

  3. I feel you, I’m addicted as well. At least we know we are not alone in our addictions!

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