Almost a blanket

lizard ridge afghan on rocker

I’ve gotten a lot of squares stitched together. Two of the four panels are completely done and the other two are almost there. Working in sets of 3 squares, I sewed a row of the first 3 from panel #1 together. Then the first 3 from panel #2. Then those two 3-square rows were stitched together, creating a big block of 6. Then I tackled the bottom 3 squares of panels #1 and #2. etcetera. Traditionally, sewing things together is my least favorite part of the process. But I have to say that excitement for seeing all of the pieces assembled has been spurring me on.

To finish the lap blanket off, I’ll be adding a deep blue crocheted border (shell stitch, maybe) and a flannel backing to help the knitting hold its shape with use.

In the knitting queue is a Beaded Scarf, but I won’t even let myself string the beads onto the yarn until the Lizard Ridge afghan is closer to finished. Don’t want to break the momentum of focus. … Ah-hah! There’s that phantom concept: focus! Funny how it crops up when I least expect it!


2 responses to “Almost a blanket

  1. It’s looking great, Lisa! I like the idea of a crocheted border. Shell stitch is beautiful. Hmmm, depends: If you want to carry through the wavy look, shell sounds great. If you want to “calm” the wavy look, maybe a straight border would do. Fun to play with! Can’t wait to see the finished blanket!

  2. Beautiful — and I, too, really hate sewing things up. Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket.

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