When energy is diverted

nan's cottageIt’s Thursday evening and I haven’t entered a blog post since Monday. I feel guilty. As though I’m letting my readership down. Not to mention myself, because posting three times a week is what I strive for. But here it is, with the end of the week closing in, and I am coming up empty handed. I read another blog post this morning on the topic of inspiration, and so this seems like a perfect opportunity to share that bit of cyberwisdom. The entire blog’s a beauty! And I’ll be back with more photos and words when my own coffers are full again. Until then, perhaps it’s time I scheduled an Artist’s Date. …


One response to “When energy is diverted

  1. Thanks for sharing that link, Lisa! I can’t tell you the number of times I come up empty handed when trying to write on my blog. Enjoy your “artist’s break” (which I think is a FABULOUS way of getting back on track)! ~ hugs, Lynda xo

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