It’s a Party!

porch party table

I like to think that I follow through on my word, so it’s been eating at me – in the back of my mind – that I committed to hosting four parties in 2007 and I haven’t really had one yet. Until this past Sunday, that is.

My sister’s brother-in-law just moved to the area and this past weekend was the first time he’s been able to come over to our place. So what better excuse for an afternoon tea party? Omar set the out the spoons and napkins, eager to get things rolling and his fingers on the apple cider donuts. We also enjoyed farm-fresh white peaches and Gala apples, mint tea, and slices of my whole wheat brioche slathered with butter and jam.

The weather was perfect and we whiled away several hours out on the side porch sipping, nibbling and chatting the afternoon away. A fabulous late-summer day.


3 responses to “It’s a Party!

  1. Mmm. Can I come over? Love the table cover.

  2. Lisa …finally took a rest and visited..your blog is beautiful…really..makes me proud to be your sis.
    Two imediate thoughts..1. the quilt like collage of mostly cat photos..needs to be printed immediately for sale at a gallery on Nantucket and maybe elsewhere w/similar demographics.
    2. how a bout offering a weekend retreat for pp who want to blog and don’t know how??I could be some cash flow??/and you obviously very skilled!!Love J

  3. J, thanks for taking some of your precious rest time to read your sister’s blog! And, oh my, doesn’t a retreat for blogger-wanna-be’s sound like fun?!* I just may take you up on that! Thanks for reading and commenting. Us bloggers do live for those comments.

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