Artist Date – Wednesday 8/29/07


The Ponemah Bog, a natural sanctuary untouched by modern progress, left to evolve on its own timeline. The perfect place to go on an Artist’s Date, camera in hand. An oasis in the middle of urban development.


the bog - horizontal

Various platforms erected just above ground level offer panoramic views of the 12,000+ year old bog. Only the dragonflies were soaring about during the heat of the afternoon; all birds seemed to have been under leaf shade, waiting for dusk.



pitcher plant

The carnivorous pitcher plant. See the ‘containers’ of water? That’s where the insects are captured and become the plant’s food. One of the three prolific carnivorous plants in the bog.

The 40-minute walk was a welcome refresh from traffic, city heat, cell phones and everything else electronic (except my wonderful camera, of course). Perhaps next time I’ll take a blank-page journal and drawing pen, too, and sit a longer while on one of the viewing benches.


4 responses to “Artist Date – Wednesday 8/29/07

  1. You’re a good photographer.

  2. Fabulous pic of that dragonfly! Sounds like a wonderful place to walk!

  3. Beautiful pictures. Please tell me what size are they, mine tend to be too big to post on wordpress.

  4. Sure. First I upload 6-mega pixel pics onto the computer (Mac’s iphoto). After cropping, I export the photos, in jpg format with a max width of 500 pixels, to my desktop. From there I upload the newly formatted photos to my flickr account. When I’m ready to use one for my blog, I have the option of different sizes (by clicking “all sizes” above each one on flickr). This should work for you.

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