Weekend Travel

latte and notebook

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — there’s nothing like a change of scenery to recharge my batteries. This past weekend we headed out to western Massachusetts to visit my in-laws. Not only do they live in a beautiful part of the world, they also are the hosts with the mostest.

Stockbridge, MA

Where we stayed. Better than any b&b.

Walk in the Park

A Saturday afternoon walk in a nearby park. Trees ‘n green ‘n conversation.
A great way to work off a robust lunch!


great barrington antiques

And on Sunday afternoon we strolled around Great Barrington.

storefront garden

Banks and stores fill their front yards with gardens.

lion's head doorknob other doorknob Grt Barr

Details that caught my eye. My camera got quite a workout, too!


2 responses to “Weekend Travel

  1. Beginning, you, the splendid picture, you showed. Thank you. I am the Japanese. You have lived in Japan.

  2. beautiful photos — and i could just feel that coffee as i drank it!

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