Notions Bag Swap

Notions Bag Swap

This delightful collection of treats arrived in my post office box this week. Robust and enthusiastic thanks to my Secret Pal over at the International Notions Bag Swap! Although I’ve been making ‘art cards’ and sending them out faithfully for the past three months as part of MaryJane’s FarmGirl Mail Art Swap, I have yet to receive one in return. So when I opened this package and saw the adorable notions bag (with handsewn zipper — sew impressive!), petal pink cotton/bamboo/elastic nylon yarn, cute state magnet and sweet card, my confidence was restored. Allelujah! I will post pics of my own contribution after it’s in the mail and likely to have arrived at its destination (hopefully making its recipient as pleased as I’ve been with what you see here).

The Minnesota magnet is already on my fridge where it is anchoring my gym’s class schedule. No special plans for the Panda Cotton yet, but that won’t last long. And the notions bag is on my sewing table ready to be put to work. Ah, here’s to the happy bliss of crafty friendships made on the blogosphere!


2 responses to “Notions Bag Swap

  1. I am so thrilled you liked everything, I really had a grand time making it. Even though I didn’t know I’d be attaching the zipper by hand. Ha ha! But it was worth it in the end seeing how pleased you were with the final results.

    I’m so glad you joined my swap and I’ll stay in contact for future swaps I host. Take care!

  2. p.s. Nice photography!!

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