Monday Mosaic – A Look at 07_07_07

Monday Mosaic for 07/09/07

1. City Secret, 2. Hello, 3. Garden Vignette, 4. River Weed, 5. Hanging Basket, 6. Gateway to the City, 7. History, 8. Waterway, 9. Not the Arno, 10. Riverside Dining, 11. City View, 12. It’s a Bird’s View, 13. Tree removal, 14. Floral window, 15. Trellis, 16. Sweet Retreat, 17. Pot of Cheer, 18. Work, 19. Cleome Gone Wild, 20. Wood work, 21. Peeping Petunias, 22. Happy Face, 23. View from the tracks_2, 24. River Weed, 25. Forgotten Window

Several months ago I was invited to join a Flickr pool group dedicated to images taken on the 7th day of July in the year 2007. The group creator and admin is going to try to get a book published using some of the images submitted; all proceeds will be donated to UNICEF. Each participant can upload as many as 7 photos. The primary criteria is that they must have been shot on 07/07/07. By the time the “gates closed”, there were close to 8,000 members of the group! That’s a lotta photos to screen.

I took my camera to work and shot a few there. And in the late afternoon I did my own version of an urban walkabout, out the back door and then downtown. All in all, a fun project!

2 responses to “Monday Mosaic – A Look at 07_07_07

  1. Wow! How nice! When will you know which of your photos are selected?

  2. What a great project! Let us know when it comes out. I remember something similar to it years ago by Life magazine.

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