Corners of My Home

Corners of My Home

I hope you’ll consider these mosaic snippets as an invite into my home. You’ve seen the beginnings of my garden β€” that outdoor-living-space-in-process, so I thought it was time to bring you indoors by way of my new camera. The toys may surprise you. In fact, they surprised me, too, when I realized how many I had collected and kept and put together in little scenarios here and there. It wasn’t until Omar-the-4-y.o.-nephew was here every Friday and asking to play with the wind-up leopard or to give Stuart Little a sink-full of bubbley water, that I took notice of my bounty. There are more, but I’ll save those for another mosaic down the road. Thanks for stopping by!

5 responses to “Corners of My Home

  1. You have such a cheerful blog.

    You’ve been tagged by Grace πŸ™‚

  2. Morning!

    As per my usual route I have no idea how I stumbled upon your site but I’m very glad I did~you’re a breath of fresh air!

    Enjoyed & bookmarked Dr. Thyr (would love to ‘hear’ the pronunciation:) Now off to order your book!

    ‘Thank You’ for being here!!!~Dona

  3. Thanks for visiting — great to have you!

  4. I LOVE the toys — especially Stuart Little. I am quite fond of Stuart. Among my photos from Peru is one of Stuart Little hanging from the rear-view mirror of our tour bus on our brief foray over to Bolivia. I’m happy that Stuart is so popular!

  5. I love these mosaics of your artful home. Thanks you. Now if I can just get my wordpress site up!

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